[KS] Name used for "god" in Korean language

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Well, it all depends on what you mean by 'god' of course, (hanunim, hananim, hanullim, and various compounds with 's(h)in' leap to mind) and it would be hard to find a Buddhist text that refers to 'God' even if there are lots of deities around. It is hard to see the focus of your questions. The best initial response was given in this list by Gari Keith Ledyard in 2003, I suggest that you start by reading it: 
 and to complement that, perhaps the Wikipedia article on Korean mythology might be most helpful as a starting point 
 though it might still leave you wondering what word the North Korean was using (but remember that Protestantism was very powerful in parts of North Korea including Pyongyang prior to 1945).
Brother Anthony
Sogang University, Seoul

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