[KS] Request for help: lament songs and onomatopoeia/mimetics

Lucien Brown soojaybi at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 23 06:25:48 EDT 2008

Dear list members,
  A colleague in Japan (working primarlily on Japanese social/anthropological linguistics, but interested to branch out into Korean) recently asked me if I know any references (in English) or scholars who are working on the following topics:
  1. "I've heard there is a genre of emotional lament song in Korean which apparently influenced the development of a post WWII Japanese genre called 'enka' on which I wrote my PhD dissertation. It's got lots of nature imagery/metaphor in the Japanese case and sounds a bit like the blues." Any ideas?
  2. Korean onomatopoeia/mimetics.
  Any help would be much appreciated, particularly regarding the first topic which I really know nothing about.
  Best regards,
  Lucien Brown
  SOAS, University of London

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