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Dear Colleagues,

Please find below a list of books available for review for *Acta Koreana*.
If you would be interested in reviewing one of these books, please contact
me at acta at kmu.ac.kr<http://uk.mc274.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=acta@kmu.ac.kr>.
In your e-mail please include a brief summary of your current academic
status, affiliation and research field.

Best regards,

Michael Finch

List of Review Copies:

Don Baker. *Korean Spirituality.* University of Hawai'i Press, 2008.

Michael J. Pettid. *Korean Cuisine-An Illustrated History.* Reaktion Books
Ltd, 2008.

Keith Howard, Chaesuk Lee and Nicholas Casswell. *Korean Kayagŭm Sanjo: A
Traditional Instrumental Genre.* Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2008.

Ch'oe Yun. *There a Petal Silently Falls*. Translated by Bruce and Ju-Chan
Fulton. New York: Columbia UP, 2008.
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