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Dear Colleagues,
Could you please circulate the following message from the National 
Museum of Korea? Thanks.

Youngsook Pak
Yale University

The National Museum of Korea (NMK) introduces a scholarly journal, /The 
International Journal of Korean Art and Archaeology/ to present advanced 
research and studies on Korean art and archaeology to the international 
academic community.  The publication of the journal was initiated by Dr. 
Hongnam Kim who has been addressing the need for a journal for the NMK 
to communicate better with the rest of the world since her inauguration 
in 2006 as the ninth director of the museum.  The journal will serve as 
the museum's flagship channel for international communication and 


Each annual issue of the journal will contain a number of articles to be 
selected by the editorial board, which consists of nine international 
and eight Korean scholars.  The topics will encompass a broad range of 
traditional Korean art and culture: archaeology, history, painting, 
crafts, architecture, and sculpture.


For the premier issue, six articles were selected (two from Japan and 
four from Korea) with the aim of providing a better understanding of 
historical significance of ancient artifacts of Korea; the originality 
of Korean traditional architecture; the beauty of Korean portrait 
painting; and the art world of Kim Hong-do, one of the greatest masters 
of Joseon.


We sincerely hope you will enjoy the first issue of /The International 
Journal of Korean Art and Archaeology/.

To subscribe please contact Suhyung Chung: suchung at museum.go.kr 

The International Journal Publishing Team


The International Journal of Korean Art and Archaeology Volume 01 (2007) 

The Bronze Culture of Korea by Yi Kun-moo
The Life and Art of Kim Hong-do by Oh Joosok
The Influence of Baekje on Ancient Japan by Hoshii Hideo
The Architectural Theories and Planning Concepts of Seongyojang by Kim 
Bong Ryol
Goreyo Celadon in Japan by Imai Atsushi
A Perspective on the History of Korean Portrait Painting by Cho Sunmie

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