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Dear Sarah


Check this book


Younghee, Lee. Ideology, Culture, and Han: Traditional and Early Modern Korean Women's Literature. Edison, NJ: Jimoondang International, 2002. 


The book description said 


“Korean society experienced rapid and profound change, and yet the legacy of centuries of institutionalized patriarchism has endured, thus perpetuating women's han in a greatly altered and more complex world. While providing us with a rich array of translations of poems, songs, and Kim Myeongsun's early modern short story "The Suspicious Girl", Lee Younghee reminds us of the central importance of social context in the creation and understanding of Korean women's literature.”



According to the Worldcat (OCLC: 53141040) several libraries in the UC system have it.

Hope this will help.



Peter Bae

Collections manager/Document delivery specialist 

for History and Korean Studies, UAlbany SUNY



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Does anyone know of any way I can get a copy (preferably 

soft) of "A Suspicious Girl" by Kim Myeong-soon, the first 

feminist writer in Korea? I'm a graduate student with a 

deadline, and apparently the UC library system does not 

have it.



Sarah Chee


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