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Yonsei University Press, the Institute of Modern Korean Studies, and the Korea Foundation are proud to announce the publication of the "Korean Studies Forum, Volume 3," edited by Hyuk-Rae Kim. Since its inception in 2001, the Yonsei-Korea Foundation Korean Studies Forum has served the Korean Studies community to provide channels of communication and to establish networks of personal and professional ties between current and upcoming scholars of Korean Studies. The ten chapters in the volume were selected from the papers that were presented during the 2007 - 2008 academic years at the Korean Studies Forum on Yonsei University campus.Chapter 1, Introduction: Korean Studies in Search of Diversity, Hyuk-Rae KimChapter 2, Choson Korean Officials in the Land of Tokugawa Japan: Ethnic Perceptions in the 1719 Korean Embassy, Nam-lin HurChapter 3, The Global Renaissance of the Religious Phenomenon: An Interpretation within the Context of Contemporary Korea, Susana Luengo GallegoChapter 4: China's Role in Dealing with the North Korean Nuclear Issue, Yiwei WangChapter 5: Challenges and Opportunities in Enhancing Korea-China Economic Relations, Yiming HeChapter 6: Evaluating Korean Firm Performance after the Financial Crisis and Corporate Restructuring, Hongbing Ouyang and Yu-Kyung KimChapter 7: The Korea International Co-operation Agency (KOICA) and its Grants Assistance Policy toward Bangladesh: An Analysis, Shamsur RahmanChapter 8: Parleying Culture against Trade: Hollywood's Affairs with Korea's Screen Quotas, Brian YeciesChapter 9, The Discursive Foundations of the South Korean State: Sasanggye and the Reception of Modernization Theory, Michael KimChapter 10, Insurgency and Advocacy: Unauthorized Foreign Workers and Civil Society in South Korea, Joon K. Kim
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