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Mon Apr 13 04:05:24 EDT 2009

Dear List members,

Please find below the announcement for an exciting new opportunity for PhD students who want to carry out research in Korea. For more details, please contact the International Center for Korean Studies at Kyujanggak; you will find the contact details after this announcement:

 **new fellowship**

The Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Seoul National University (SNU), would like to invite graduate students to apply for its junior fellowship. This has been recently created in addition to the regular Kyujanggak fellowships to encourage PhD students to access the Kyujanggak archives for their research. The junior fellowships will allow the students to be in residence at the Kyujanggak for about three months and will provide a small stipend to cover their expenses.



-          a 3 million KRW stipend

-          Desk space at Kyujanggak

-          Use of SNU central library


Requirements: Students are expected to carry out most their fellowship research at the Kyujanggak, should be in residence for three months, and should attend Kyujanggak seminars and colloquia; also, a recommendation from an SNU professor is required.


Application procedure:

candidates should submit the following:

-          1 application form (please contact us to receive a form)
-          1 full CV

-          Summary of PhD research (2 pages)

-          writing sample (not more than 10 pages)

-          two letters of recommendation (one letter from your academic advisor at your home university, one from an SNU professor who will advise you during your fellowship)

-          application deadline: June 15, 2009

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