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Dear list members, 
We are pleased to announce the publication of Korea Journal, vol. 49, no. 1. This issue contains six papers dealing with a broad variety of Korean Studies topics, and one book review providing valuable insights into <Sitings: Critical Approaches to Korean Geography>, edited by Timothy R. Tangherlini and Sallie Yea. Both the papers and the book review were selected through rigorous peer review by the journal’s editors and guest reviewers.  

The first paper “Eochongye Social Capital in Jujeon-Dong, Ulsan” examines the eochongye (rotating credit system) of a fishing village in Jujeon-dong, Ulsan as a case study which verifies whether economic efficiency at the individual level harmonizes with social justice at the collective level through social capital. The second paper, by Park Jong-rin, examines the activities of Irwolhoe, or the January Association, that contributed to introducing Marxist theories and texts to Korea in the 1920s. The third paper explores the relationship between the identity-building process of second generation Korean-Americans, peer group dynamics, and the mass media while the fourth investigates the influence of the minganhak on the formation of knowledge culture in colonial Korea, with a focus on the magazine Gaebyeok. The fifth paper examines the Korean response to China’s Northeast Project and attempts to address an intersubjective nationalist perspective of history. The sixth paper compares
Korean and Chinese publications on acupuncture in ISI databases in terms of the number of the publications, frequency of citations, the impact factors of the publication journals, etc.

This issue’s table of contents is as follows: 

CHOI Jongryul - Eochongye Social Capital in Jujeon-Dong, Ulsan 

PARK Jong-rin - Irwolhoe and the Introduction of Marxism into Korea in the 1920s 

Sora PARK - Negotiating Identities and Re-acculturation of Second-Generation Korean Americans: The Role of Ethnic    
Media and Peer Group Dynamics

HAN Keehyung - Formation of the Minganhak and Modern Magazines in Colonial Korea: The Case of Gaebyeok
Dong-Jin JANG, Kyung-Ho SONG, and Min-Hyuk HWANG - China's Northeast Project and Contemporary Korean Nationalism 

HUANG Yan-hong- Differences between South Korea and China in Acupuncture Research: A Case Study of the Publications in ISI Databases


Lauren W. Deutsch	- Constructed Places, Contested Spaces (Timothy R. Tangherlini and Sallie Yea, eds., Sitings: Critical Approaches to Korean Geography).

At this opportunity, we would like to remind the list members that we welcome any submissions relevant to the field of Korean Studies. 
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