[KS] Workshop on Late ChosOn at Bochum, Germany

Marion Eggert marion.eggert at rub.de
Fri Aug 14 09:05:46 EDT 2009

Dear all,
the Korean Studies institute at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, will 
have the pleasure to host a workshop (supported by the Korea Foundation) 
on the topic of

*Epistemic Change in Late Choso(n as Context for Western Learning*

on August 21-22, 2009. Anybody who happens to be in the region and would 
be interested to take part is welcome after registering with Dr. Andreas 
Mueller-Lee <andreas.mueller-lee at rub.de>.
Please find the program attached below.
With best regards
Marion Eggert

*Friday, August** 21*

Welcome Address: Heiner Roetz (Vice-Dean of the Faculty of East Asian 
Studies) (10:00 -- 10:15)

I. Views of the World (10:15 -- 13:00)

Chair: PAIK Sung Jong ???


      KIM Yung Sik ? ??, Seoul National University, Korea

"Some Reflections on Science and Religion in the Period of Transmission 
of Western Science to East Asia"


      LIM Jongtae ???, Seoul National University, Korea

"'Why are the Westerners so Kind to Us?' Cultural Exchanges between a 
Korean Visitor and the Jesuits Seen from Yi Kiji's /1720 Beijing 

II. Intersection of Epistemes in Literature: The case of /Yo(rha ilgi// 
/???? (14:30 -- 18:00)

Chair: Joachim KURTZ


      YU Myoungin ???, Ruhr-University Bochum

"Transport of Knowledge: The Case of a Book Catalogue in 'Togang nok' 
??? in/ Yo(rha ilgi/"


      Vladimir TIKHONOV, Oslo University, Norway

"The Korean Images of Tibet and Sirhak ?? Scholars: the Plurality of 


      Marion EGGERT, Ruhr-University Bochum

"Literature as Medium for Epistemic Change: Genre Use in /Y//o(//rha ilgi/"

*Saturday, Aug**ust 22*

III. Organization and Diffusion of Knowledge (10:00 -- 12:30)

Chair: Joerg PLASSEN


      ROH Dae Hwan ? ??, Dongyang University, Korea

"Influx and Spread of Western Learning in Late Choso(n ?? Dynasty"


      Andreas MUELLER-LEE, Ruhr-University Bochum

"Organization of Knowledge: The 'Encyclopedic Age' in Korea"

IV. Knowledge and Beliefs (14:30 -- 16:30)

Chair: Achim MITTAG


      Don BAKER, University of British Columbia, Canada

"Personalizing the Absolute: the Challenge of Catholic Theism in 
Neo-Confucian Korea"


      George KALLANDER, Syracuse University, U.S.

"Knowledge Horizons of Tonghak ??-Followers"

V. Final Discussion (17:00 -- 18:00)

Venue: Euro-Eck, Spechtsweg 20, 44801 Bochum

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