[KS] Grand Korean Waterway

Dong-Hun Lee dong.lee at post.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Aug 25 17:00:49 EDT 2009

Dear list members,

maybe some of you can assist in my search:

I'm currently writing my thesis about the Grand Korean Waterway which 
will be a kind of feasibility report.

I don't know if there are any blueprints (official ones) or stats or 
plans that deal about the canal (esp. Gyeongbu Canal).
So far I checked kwoonha.com and mltm website (Statistical yearbook), 
and a bunch of reports which are so far not really useful to me.
My Problem is that although I'm a korean, I barely understand it since I 
was born in Germany.

So if anyone has some english material about that matter (reports, maps, 
detailed plans) I'd be very grateful. BTW: my major is economic 
geography and the focus will be here on transport geography.

If you have questions please mail.

Sincerely Dong-Hun Lee

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