[KS] US/UN-Japan Bases Agreement of 1950

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I am trying to find an English copy, if there is one, of the
agreement/treaty between the US (or perhaps the UN Command) and Japan that
would have been concluded in June or July, 1950, giving the US/UN Forces
permission to use various bases in Japan to pursue the Korean War.  My
understanding is that there may be 7-11 bases that were included in this
agreement.  Presumably most, if not all, of them are still accessible to the
US forces as the UN Command still exists.


My understanding also is that if there is a "peace treaty" between the US
and the DPRK (with or without other signatories) that the UN Command would
most likely be dissolved and the US/UN would lose access to these bases,
unless they are renegotiated.


I have talked to defense officials at the Japanese Embassy in Washington who
are only able to find documents from around 1957 or so that refer to bases
that were to be grandfathered, but they were not able to find anything
earlier that would have established these bases at the beginning of the war.


I would appreciate hearing from anyone knowledgeable about this subject.






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