[KS] Jang-do use/tradition in Korean culture

Larry Gillick gillick at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 16:02:49 EDT 2009


Larry Gillick here.  I'm new to the list -- not so new to Korean  
culture.  Although I don't speak the language, I did spend more than  
three years in Korea, worked and married there, too.  Oddly enough, I  
married an English woman; but that's another story.  And if anyone  
from KBS is on the list, "Hello!"  I worked there for a while, back in  
the 1990's.

Alright.  On to the academics.

I'm beginning research for some creative scholarship and would like to  
learn all there is about the short, bladed, Korean weapon, the jang-do  
(especially folk tales or stories of its use).  I have exhausted the  
usual non-academic search techniques (googling, etc.) and am about to  
dive deeper into the formal histories.

Unfortunately, I also don't read the language.

Would you be kind enough to point me in a direction?  Korean studies  
is close to non-existent at my university, so I'm short of helpful  
colleagues there.

Many thanks in advance.

Larry Gillick
Assistant Professor
Digital and Broadcast Media
/ Arts Communication
Shenandoah University
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