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Dear Frank,
I tried Google. I suspect it is NOT this:
- but almost certainly this:
In which case we are told that the mine is "50km  south-east
of Jeonju city". The latter is in North Cholla (I refuse to  write Jeolla);
but 50 km southeast of there might take you into South  Kyongsang.
(I'm away from home, so can't check my maps.)
This article is by the same man, now teaching at Chonbuk  National
University (not Jeonbuk, I note) in Jeonju. So I dare say you  could
contact him there and ask him.
All best
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Dear  Collaegues,

Might anyone know the PROVINCE in which the Tongjin  (Dongjin) Mine is 
located?  Now abandoned, it was once the site of mining  operations for gold, 
silver and copper.  One person GUESSES that it might  be South Kyongsang 
Province.  The mine is the subject of a dissertation  by Jeon Seo-Ryeong at 
Tsukuba University in Japan.

With many thanks in  advance,


July 15, 2009

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