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Dear Frank,

The location of the Dongjin (MR – Tongjin) mine is the following: ROK,
Jeolla-Bugdo, Jinan-gun, Seongsu-myeon, Dotong-ri, explored since 1937,  now
abandoned (see “Ttang ireum sajeon” [Dictionary of Geographical Names” /
Comp. by the Hangeul Hakhoe, 1998 on the CD-ROM]). Best wishes

Yours Lev

2009/7/15 Frank Joseph Shulman <fshulman at umd.edu>

> Dear Collaegues,
> Might anyone know the PROVINCE in which the Tongjin (Dongjin) Mine is
> located?  Now abandoned, it was once the site of mining operations for gold,
> silver and copper.  One person GUESSES that it might be South Kyongsang
> Province.  The mine is the subject of a dissertation by Jeon Seo-Ryeong at
> Tsukuba University in Japan.
> With many thanks in advance,
> Frank
> July 15, 2009
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