[KS] Location of Tongjin Mine

Jonathan Kramer jonathan_kramer at ncsu.edu
Thu Jul 16 15:26:15 EDT 2009

Dear Korean Studies Listserve Members.  

I am writing an undergraduate world music textbook that will be housed on the Web and contain audio and video links embedded in the text.  I am looking for short (under two minutes) video clips for which permission can be given for use in this educational project.  Specifically, I am looking for: 

1) Talchum (masked dance drama), any style
2) Newsreel or other footage of Pungmul used in a student or labor movement demonstration
3) Salpuri from the Closing Ceremony of the 1988 Olympics
4) Mudang kut showing trance

Any leads will be greatly appreciated.  I am in touch with the Kunrip Kugakwon which has helped me with other items.  Thanks all...I have enjoyed the conversation very much.  jk

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