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My graduate student is currently working on a doctoral dissertation on An Jung-geun (the correct spelling according to the current Korean government's romanization system).  You might want to get in touch with Frank Rausch at fdrausch at hotmail.com and see if he can point you in the direction of information in English. However, Frank may not reply right away as he is busy packing for a return to North America after a year as a Fulbright researcher in Korea. 

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		I am researching the period in Korea from about 1890 through 1938.  Recently my attention has been greatly drawn to the life of Ahn Jung Geun but I am having a terrible time finding information about his life, including the early years.  Does anyone have a suggestion?
		Also, I have seen his named spelled An Jung Geun (I do not have access to the spelling in Hangul, unfortunately).  So which is preferred:  Ahn or An ?
		Thank you.	.	.	.===Dennis Regan===.	.	.	. 
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