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Greetings!  I'm a doctoral candidate at the University of British Columbia and am in Korea (for only a few more days!) doing research on An Chunggŭn as part of my dissertation.  

If you are looking for English sources, there is a bit in Donald Keene's  "Emperor of Japan: Meiji and His World, 1852–1912."  There are some problems with his treatnment of An but it's still very much worth reading.  I have two articles in print that have sections on An, especially his early years:

“Saving Knowledge:  Catholic Educational Policy in the late Chosŏn Dynasty,” Acta Koreana, vol 11 no 3 (December, 2008), 47-85.

“Modernity and Religion:  the Proposal for a Catholic University in Late Chosǒn Korea,” Korean Studies for New Generation, no 1 (2007), 77-114.   

If you have problems getting ahold of them, let me know and I will send you a copy.  

If you can read Korean his autobiography is a good place to start (it was originally written in Chinese though.  Currently a colleague and I are working on an English trasnlation which will hopefully be out in a few months).

yours truly,
Franklin Rausch

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> Hello!
> 		I am researching the period in Korea from about 1890 through 1938.   
> Recently my attention has been greatly drawn to the life of Ahn Jung  
> Geun but I am having a terrible time finding information about his  
> life, including the early years.  Does anyone have a suggestion?
> 		Also, I have seen his named spelled An Jung Geun (I do not have  
> access to the spelling in Hangul, unfortunately).  So which is  
> preferred:  Ahn or An ?
> 		Thank you.	.	.	.===Dennis Regan===.	.	.	.
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