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Dennis, How one spells his name in Roman letters depends on which Romanization system one uses. Normally, scholars in the United States use the McCune-Reischauer Romanization system. Presuming you mean the Catholic convert 앙중근 [安重根] 1879-1910, that would be Romanized An Chung-gŭn (with a circumflex over the second "u").  For information on Korean Romanization systems, see the Wikipedia article entitled Korean Romanization.

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		I am researching the period in Korea from about 1890 through 1938.  Recently my attention has been greatly drawn to the life of Ahn Jung Geun but I am having a terrible time finding information about his life, including the early years.  Does anyone have a suggestion?
		Also, I have seen his named spelled An Jung Geun (I do not have access to the spelling in Hangul, unfortunately).  So which is preferred:  Ahn or An ?
		Thank you.	.	.	.===Dennis Regan===.	.	.	. 

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