[KS] The young Kim Song-hwan's war sketches from 1950; Andrew Salmon's new book

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Dear friends and colleagues,
On this sombre anniversary, the below from Andrew  Salmon
in Seoul may be of interest.
His JoongAng Ilbo article can be read at 
But I can't in fact find Kim Song-hwan's sketches  there,
so the full gallery on Andrew's website is all the more  valuable:

The website also gives full details of Andrew's new book,
published by Aurum Press in April.
Best wishes
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Did a piece today for Joongang on the work of Kim Sung-hwan (pen name:  
"Gobau") who is Korea's most famed living cartoonist, who got his start as  a 
war artist in the Korean War. The Joongang could only include 6 of his  
pieces on the page, but Gobau has given me permission to post 25 of his 1950  
watercolour sketches. 
Being a civilian in the Seoul area, he got a close up look at both the  
Norks, and the Yanks. Gobau's work is the finest visual representation of that  
tumultuous summer that I know of. Click here for the image gallery (with 
quotes  by Gobau and commentary by yours truly):

Andrew Salmon 
Tel: ++82-11-792-6315 

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