[KS] Fwd: Very urgent call for researchers affiliated at Korean universities! Deadline 29 June!

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Sun Jun 28 08:55:40 EDT 2009

Dear list members,
a colleague asked me to forward this to the list. Short notice, but interesting and worth consideration. I know the gentleman, he is hard working and serious and dedicated, i.e., a good partner for cooperation.
Best wishes,
Rudiger Frank

Dear researchers affiliated in Korea!
I am a post-doc researcher at University of Vienna. Together with Aaron
Moore from the History Department in Oxford I am working on an application
for a workshop grant of ASEM.
We try to bring people together in a workshop who worked on the impact
of extreme societal conditions like wars or political campaigns. We
would like to focus especially on the WW II in Eastasia and the Cultural
Revolution in China. The idea of the workshop is to come to new perspectives
establish a interdisciplinary dialogue between academic researchers from
history, anthropology and area studies and psychotherapists who work in
the field with patients or engaged in training and supervision.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss how these Asian case studies and the
formation of discourse or modes of remembering challenges the
psychologic or psychoanalytical theory that is now applied by
researchers in East and West.
We do not want to look only into the historical case studies and their
form of transmission of into the society, but also focus how these cases
contribute to theory-making in the psychological disciplines and in the
cultural or historical studies: How is Asia challenging the paradigms in
psychological research? How can microstudies of psychological research
challenge the paradigms prevaling the respective area studies?
It tries to build up a consortium of researchers of area studies,
psychologists and practical doctors and psychotherapists working on or in
this Asean area.

ATTENTION: For the application of Asem we need now only researchers/medical
doctors etc actually affilated in Korea.
If you are interested, please fill out the following. That is all what
you need to do at this stage. This is the information from you that I would
need for
uploading our proposal to the website.
Institutional affiliation:
Asian Country:
Title of paper:

If you would like to participate, please send me back this info asap but
latest 29 June 2009.

Others are very welcome for later stages and for further funding.

Just a few words about me, becuase it is not on my website below: I have not
studied history, but focused more
on social and political issues in modern China.
My ongoing post-doctoral research project is titled "The cultural
revolution within us: Transgenerational transmission of traumatic experience
and impact on
societal dynamics of post-Mao China" (working title translated into
English, but I will write it in German). Together with a Chinese
partner, we conducted interviews with 6 families in 2006 and 2007 over
the long-term impact of trauma and experiences of the Cultural
Revolution and explored the conscious and unconscious mechanisms of
transgenerational transmission in the Chinese context employing
psychoanalytic approaches.
My research is linked to the ongoing debate in European and Chinese contexts
over the family as core institution for transmission. It will try to link it
to matters like
social values, perceived role of state and the individuum and will form my
post-doctoral thesis.

Hope to hear from you very soon!
Best regards from Vienna,

Dr. Sascha Klotzbuecher
Department of East Asian Studies - Sinology
University of Vienna
Spitalgasse 2, Hof 2
1090 Vienna
Tel.: +43-1-4277-43841
Fax.: +43-1-4277-43849
sascha.klotzbuecher at univie.ac.at
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