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Charles Muller cmuller-lst at jj.em-net.ne.jp
Tue Jun 30 00:57:22 EDT 2009

Much thanks to Gari for all of his well-conceived and well-articulated 
comments. I have already written to both the Korea Times and the 
Ministry of Culture expressing similar sentiments.

Aside from the matter of relative strong or weak points of any given 
romanization system, there is no doubt that any significant 
backtracking at this point will virtually destroy any chances 
whatsoever of gaining the support of non-Korean academics in the 
future for any subsequent attempts at promulgating a new system.

Aside from my personal preferences for being able to do 
non-diacritical keyboard input a decade ago, I was approached early on 
by a few of the people in Korea who were developing/promoting the new 
system about using it in my online web resources, and in response 
invested a fair amount of time and energy in supporting the system 
that way.

If the kind of radical move suggested by the Korea Times article is 
taken, you can be sure that I will never, ever, support any kind of 
new system that might be proposed, and I am sure that many who have 
supported it will feel the same way.

Can't say I wasn't warned, though.




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