[KS] Truth & Reconciliation: at Columbia 3/24, at NYU 3/25

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Dear friends/colleagues,

As you may know representatives from South Korea’s Truth and Reconciliation
Commission will be presenting their finding at the AAS meeting in Chicago.  TRC
representatives will also be speaking at a number of universities in North

The first of these presentations will be in New York, at *Columbia
University on Tuesday, March 24*, and at *NYU on Wednesday, March 25*.  (Please
see below for details.)  From New York, TRC representatives will go to
Boston (*Boston College on Thursday, March 26*) and then fly to Chicago for
the AAS.

South Korea’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission is the first of its kind
in Northeast Asia.  Established by South Korea’s National Assembly in 2005,
the Commission’s mandate includes finding the truth behind massacres of
civilians before and during the Korean War, and human rights abuses
perpetrated by South Korea’s authoritarian regimes.

The establishment of this Truth and Reconciliation Commission represents a
dramatic change from the silence that was imposed by past authoritarian
regimes in South Korea about massacres of civilians committed by U.S. forces
and the South Korean police/military both before and during the Korean War.

For those of you who will be attending the AAS meeting in Chicago, please
join us for the TRC panel on Friday morning, and the joint TRC/ASCK
(Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea) reception on Saturday at the



2009 Korean Studies Regional Seminar, Columbia University

*Truth and Reconciliation: Remembering War Crimes on the Korean Peninsula,


*March 24, 2009**: 4:00-6:30 pm
918 I**nternational Affairs Building, Columbia University***


Welcoming remarks: Charles Armstrong, Director of the Center for Korean
Research, Columbia University


Dong-Choon Kim, Ph.D. (Standing Commissioner, Truth and Reconciliation
Commission, Korea): "Uncovering Hidden Stories of the Korean War: The Work
of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission."

Hee Kyung Suh, Ph.D. (Investigation Bureau, TRC): "TRC's Verification
Process for Mass Civilian Killings during the Korean War"


Discussant’s response: Lisa Yoneyama (University of California, San Diego)
and Henry Em (NYU)


Audience Q&A

*Co-sponsored by the Center for Korean Research (Columbia University) and
the Department of East Asian Studies (New York University)



NYU, Department of East Asian Studies

Korean Studies Colloquium

*March 25, 2009: 5:00-6:30 pm
715 Broadway, Room 312 (New York University)*

Seating is limited.  R.S.V.P. to Nicole at <nicole.pandolfo at nyu.edu>.  NYU
faculty and graduate students will have priority.



Henry Em, Associate Professor, Dept. of East Asian Studies, NYU



Dong-Choon Kim, Ph.D.

Standing Commissioner, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Korea

"Uncovering Hidden Stories of the Korean War:  The Work of the

Truth and Reconciliation Commission”



Charles J. Hanley, Special Correspondent, The Associated Press
co-recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism into the

massacre at Nogunri


Audience Q & A




Henry Em
Associate Professor
Dept of East Asian Studies
New York University
715 Broadway, 3rd floor
New York, NY.  10003

Cell:  734-846-2500
Office:  212-998-3826
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