[KS] Yi Sang (Ha Yoong) Illustrations

kevin parks kevin at macosx.com
Tue Mar 24 16:29:34 EDT 2009


I am looking for illustrations by Yi Sang (Ha Yoong). The only ones I 
have found were in the Yi Sang portion of Muae and the surprisingly poor 
and small reproductions found in the three volume Yi Sang Moon Hak Cheon 

I have found some here:


But the illustrations I was really hoping to find were the three covers 
he did for the architecture journals that are reproduced on page 9 of 
the Yi Sang Moon Hak Cheon Chip. I've scanned this in and you can see it 


Walter Lew has the top one in Muae, but I am really hoping to find the 
bottom 2 in much better quality. Anyone know of any high quality 
reproductions of these (or any other) pictures by Yi Sang on the net or 
in texts?


Kevin Parks
University of Virginia, Music  Dept.

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