[KS] Korean Studies Professorship at the Australian National University

Ruth Barraclough ruth.barraclough at anu.edu.au
Tue May 5 19:42:04 EDT 2009

For the attention of the Korean Studies Discussion List:

Professor of Korean Studies
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

The ANU, with the generous support of the Korea Foundation, is seeking 
an outstanding scholar of Korean Studies in an area within the 
humanities broadly defined. Preferred fields include history, 
literature, linguistics or cultural studies. You will be expected to 
have a distinguished publication record, extensive experience in 
postgraduate education, and demonstrated achievement in academic 
leadership. Located in the College of Asia and the Pacific, the 
candidate will be provided ample opportunity for research. In addition 
to conducting research, teaching and supervising in their own field, you 
will be called upon to contribute to the Korean studies program through 
directed training of advanced students.

You will be expected to provide academic, scholarly and administrative 
leadership that has cross-disciplinary relevance, and to cooperate with 
Australian and international scholars to advance research and teaching 
in Korean studies.

Enquiries: Professor James Fox, Head, Korea Institute, T: 02 6125 0192, 
E: James.Fox at anu.edu.au

For more information on how to apply please see the url: 

Thank you,

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