[KS] Roh Moo Hyun commits suicide

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Here is another one:


On the Power of Words


A man (perhaps an honest one?)

but vulnerable; tired,too --


For months newspapers cite suspicions

and make them sound like proven facts

and blaming, citing rumors 

TV, too, daily sells sensations guised as news


... suspected...

... accused of ...

... is said to have ...


... supporters disappointed ...

... former icon ...

... intangled in a scandal ...


who'd ever need a knife to kill.....


Werner Sasse

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A sijo for Roh, in his own words.

Occurrence at Owl Rock 
(6:40 a.m., Saturday, May 23, 2009)
                                    for Roh Moo-hyun
Too many people suffer 
            because of me; I no longer 
symbolize the values that 
            you pursue. You should discard me.
 The rest of my life will be just
            a burden to others. I
have lost my health; I cannot 
            do anything. I cannot read 
books, cannot write. No sorrow. 
            No blame. It is all just karma--
life and death are nature’s fractals.
            Raise me a stone near my home.

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