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Dear list members, 
We are pleased to announce the publication of Korea Journal, vol. 49, no. 3. This issue contains three articles that were commissioned and written on the topic of “The Politics of the Body in Contemporary Korea,” along with three papers that were selected from among submissions through a rigorous peer-review process and one book review.
In the first paper, Cho Joo-hyun employs concepts such as biopower and control to analyze the management of women’s bodies under the strengthened system of neoliberalism after South Korea’s financial crisis in 1997. Choe views the neoliberal system, which produces individualized selves, as having triggered greater interest in the body, including diet, fitness, body management, and cosmetic surgery, as well as in the care of body overall, and conceptualizes the enactment of gendered practices by the women on their own bodies as “technologies of the self.”
The second paper by Cho Byong-Hee examines the growing popularity of alternative medicine within South Korea in relation to both alternative medicine in the United States and institutionalized, official medicine within South Korea. In this process, Cho discloses the challenge posed by Korean alternative medicine to the traditional division of medicines and examines, in particular, acupuncturist Kim Nam-Soo’s efforts to popularize acupuncture in order to show how it became established as an alternative medicine practice in South Korea. 
The third paper by Paik Young-Gyung explores issues of bioethics, which became an important topic of public debate within South Korea after the Hwang Woo-Suk scandal. Paik shows how these issues are being framed by concerns for economic competitiveness by a Korean state facing a depopulation crisis and the desire of infertile women for a normative family, and argues that discussions on bodies are politicized by discourses of nationalism and family in Korean society.
This issue’s table of contents is as follows: 
The Politics of the Body in Contemporary Korea
KIM Eun-Shil / [On this topic] The Politics of the Body in Contemporary Korea
CHO Joo-hyun / Neoliberal Governmentality at Work: Post-IMF Korean Society and the Construction of Neoliberal Women
Byong-Hee CHO / Two Paths for Alternative Medicine: Professionalization of Oriental Medicine and the Growth of Lay Acupuncturists in Korea
Young-Gyung PAIK / The Discourse of National Population Crisis and Its Framing of Bioethical Issues in Contemporary South Korea
Hyunjung LEE and Younghan CHO / Performing Nation-ness in South Korea during the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup
MATSUMOTO Takenori and CHUNG Seung-Jin / On the Hosokawa Farm and the History of Daejangchon, a Japanese-Style Village in Colonial Korea: Dilemmas in Rural Development
KIM Hong-Jung / Specter, Rhizome, and Bridge: Kim Su-yeong's View of Tradition
Daniel C. KANE / Translating Tradition to Modernity

At this opportunity, we would like to remind the list members that we welcome any submissions relevant to the field of Korean Studies. 
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