[KS] Cheongseonggok (???)

kevin parks kevin at macosx.com
Sun Oct 18 09:35:54 EDT 2009

This is a rather unusual request, but I will ask on the off chance 
(perhaps more like a miracle) that someone has the ability to help, 
since desperation is setting in.

I am looking for a score, or even a score page or fragment in western 
style "ohsunbo" notation for Cheongseonggok (???). Does anyone know 
where examples may appear, or ideally, were the whole score can be 
found? I have a score in jungganbo, but I would love to find a 
transcription as well. It would be extremely useful and trips to all the 
major bookstores and a couple university libraries have, surprisingly, 
left me empty handed.


Kevin Parks

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