[KS] Han Jung Nok/Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong

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1776, provides digital images of 88 old books in full-text PDF files,
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고려사(高麗史), Kukcho Pogam 국조보감(國朝寶鑑), Taedong Chiji 대동지지(大東地誌), Samguk
Sagi 삼국사기(三國史記), and Hanjungrok 한중록(恨中錄). E-Kyujanggak
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documents of the Chosŏn dynasty such as Ilsŏngrok (일성록), Pibyŏnsa           Tŭngrok (비변사 등록), and Ŭigwe (의궤). 

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Is the Han Jung Nok/Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong available in Korean online? Presumably it's mainly/entirely in hanja?? I can read Chinese but am an amateur in matters Korean so please forgive any errors in romanisation...

Many thanks,

Michael Rank

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