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Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Fri Apr 16 22:01:27 EDT 2010

I suspect that the problem comes from assuming that the name Han Sang-uk was written 한상욱 when it might very well have been 한상억 (韓相億) Han Sang-eok about whom I think quite a lot might be discovered.
There was a fairly significant Han Ch'ang-su who might have been his father. He served as a diplomatic representative of the Empire in Europe early in the 20th century, too. He is recorded as having had one son Han Sang-gi so the generation name would correspond.
See:  http://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/한창수 or  http://100.naver.com/100.nhn?docid=863191 to start with.

Three names found listed together as pro-Japanese are 한상기 한상억 한창수 in various lists and we find mention of 한상억(韓相億)의 동양백화주식회사(1937) so he might have gone into business opening a department store.

Brother Anthony
Sogang University, Seoul

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