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Dear Prof. Tikhonov,

considering the prize, is there any chance to publish a paperback version of the book in the near future?


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> Dear colleagues,
> sorry for an improper attempt at self-promotion, but since nobody else 
> is likely to do this, I would like to announce the publication of my 
> English monograph on Korean Social Darwinism, entitled "Social Darwinism 
> and Nationalism in Korea: the Beginnings (1880s-1910s). 'Survival' as an 
> Ideology of Korean Modernity". It was printed by Brill - really kind of 
> them, given the enormous difficulties any perspective author with such 
> an obscure and commercially unpromising topic would encounter in 
> negotiating with publishers in our harsh times - and I will allow myself 
> to quote their presentation of the book's content:
> "The book deals with the influences Social Darwinism exerted upon 
> Korea’s modern ideologies in their formative period - especially 
> nationalism – after its introduction to Korea in 1883 and before
> Korea’s 
> annexation by Japan in 1910. It shows that the belief in the “survival 
> of the fittest” as the overarching cosmic and social principle 
> constituted the main underpinning for the modernity discourses in Korea 
> in the 1890s-1900s. Unlike the dominant ideology of traditional Korea, 
> Neo-Confucianism, which was largely promoted by the scholar-official 
> elite, Social Darwinism appealed to the modern intellectuals, but also 
> to the entrepreneurs, providing the justification for their 
> profit-seeking activities as part of the “national survival” project.
> As 
> an ideology of Korea’s nascent capitalism, Social Darwinism in Korea 
> could, however, hardly be called a liberal creed: it clearly prioritized 
> “national survival” over individual rights and interests." 
> (http://www.brill.nl/default.aspx?partid=210&pid=41692).
> While there is already some work done on this topic in South Korean 
> scholarship - monographs by ChOn PokhUi (1996) and my good colleague Pak 
> SOngjin (2003), as well as my own monograph in Korean (2005) - this new 
> book is the first ever take on the subject in English. I feel really 
> sorry for the price (€ 97.00), but that is something we authors have 
> little influence upon.
> Best greetings,
> Vladimir (Pak Noja)
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