[KS] FRANK_Kim Jong Un painting hoax

Ruediger Frank ruediger.frank at univie.ac.at
Thu Dec 9 10:37:58 EST 2010

Dear colleagues,
I had lots of fun writing this op-ed article; hopefully, you will have as much fun reading it. 
Please note my plea at the end for the need to have area studies, including KS. I was told that Foreign Policy is interested in reprinting; that means decision makers at least in the U.S. will get to read this. Those among you facing budget cuts (seems to be rather frequent these days) might welcome some inspiration for defence. 
My best wishes,
Rudiger Frank
PS: I must acknowledge that I have received great feedback on earlier versions from a gentleman who asked to remain unnamed, but many of you will be able to guess who it is. Prof. Koen De Ceuster of Leiden has also been very supportive. So this is pretty much a collective work, although all shortcomings are of course my responsibility.
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