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In the kilograms of notes related to my doctoral research, I found the following:

At its inception during the Choseonperiod of Korean history, the Confucian Community Compact "emphasized fourprinciples:
1) mutual encouragement in theperformance of worthy deeds (덕업상권)
2) mutualadmonition in the correction of errors and failings (과실상교)
3) reciprocalengagement in rites and customs (예속상교), and  
4) mutualaid in times of distress and misfortune (환난상휼)" (Han 2004, p. 56).


Unfortunately, I have no article by Han from 2004 anywhere in my bibliography.  I was hoping the members of this listserv could help me repair my record-keeping error.  Do any of the principles, the term "Confucian Community Compact," or the author look familiar to any of you?

Many thanks,

Tommy Vorst
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