[KS] first issue of Korean Histories

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Tue Jan 5 20:39:27 EST 2010

>>  The editors welcome submissions and feed-back

Congratulations! Just one short note: It would be so much nicer if 
"on-line" would really mean that the journal is online -- in the 
sense that we can in addition to downloading (not so important) 
actually read articles in a web browser. They could easily be put 
onto the Web using WordPress or a similar program. PDF files are not 
exactly a product of the spirit of the Internet (and our times as 
such), rather a technical hangover, a digital remake and exact 
imitation of paper publishing, doing nothing but providing paper 
publications in digital format, so that they can be distributed for 
printing. This process inevitably imitates all the hierarchies, 
conventions, and limitations that come with paper publishing. 
Furthermore, there is no FORUM at the journal's website, and 
therefore no way to respond to the published articles, no way to get 
into a creative dialogue. What then is the difference to a paper 
journal? Your published announcement at least points into another 
direction. This conventional frame of publishing then seems to -- 
quite completely -- undermine the journal's approach. I would 
therefore suggest to change the format of publication and to open 
your site up for a public discussion.

Best wishes,

Frank Hoffmann

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