[KS] Reminder: Kyujanggak International Symposium, Call for papers

서울대학교 국제한국학센터 icks at snu.ac.kr
Tue Jan 19 00:15:03 EST 2010

Dear Listmembers,

This is a second call for papers for the Kyujanggak International Symposium on Korean Studies, which will take place August 27-28 at the Kyujanggak Building, Seoul National University. The conference theme is "The Japanese Annexation of Korea, 100 Years After: Looking back at 1910." However, we would like to emphasize that panel proposals from any discipline and/or period, as long as they address key issues in Korean Studies, will be considered. The deadline for applications is Feb. 10, 2010. 

Panels should consist of four to five presenters, and panel organizers are responsible for bringing together all paper proposals for their panel and applying. Panel proposals - including panel title and short abstracts of the panel and of individual papers, together with short CVs of all participants, should be sent to icks at snu.ac.kr (program coordinator, International Center for Korean Studies) by February 10, 2010. Panel organizers will be notified by March 15 whether their panel has been accepted. All presenters of selected panels will be reimbursed for their travel to Seoul and accommodation will be provided for the duration of the symposium. Full papers should be submitted by June 10, 2010; all papers submitted will be considered for publication in the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies (if in English) or in Kyujanggak or Hanguk munhwa (if in Korean). For further enquiries, please contact the International Center for Korean Studies (details below).
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