[KS] information on North Korean refugees

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Dear Anne-Marie,
Further to the two replies below:
1. Good Friends, mentioned by Benjamin,
can be found in English at 
_http://goodfriends.or.kr/eng_ (http://goodfriends.or.kr/eng)  


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Your English is great!  I recommend  speaking with Yoon-young Kim who
recently graduated from the University of  Hawaii with her PhD in
Anthropology.  She wrote her dissertation on  the topic of North Korean
refugees' adapting to life in South Korea.   She also spent a few years
working with an NGO in South Korea that focuses  on this kind of work.

My best,
Jacob Reidhead

Graduate  Student
University of Washington
Department of  Sociology

seouljake at gmail.com
+1 (614)  370-4927

[KS] information on North Korean  refugees
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We have organised few years ago a big charity art exhibition called «

Namnambuknyeo » at Gana Art Space to help two NGOs working at that time

with NK refugees in Seoul : Good Friends, a SK NGO still operating I

think, and Medecins Sans Frontieres, which was based in DPRK, then left

to open a branch in Seoul devoted exclusively to the psychological

problems of refugees. They finally left also SK, but I think you could

get interesting information with them. 

And also last December in Paris was held a conference called «

North/South Interfaces » where the question was also raised in some

papers. The proceedings were only printed on CD, and the paper version

is not yet published. You can contact the organiser, Valérie Gelézeau of

EHESS to ask her the CD version. Here is the link to the program :



Benjamin JOINAU

Yongsan-gu Itaewon-dong 119-28

140-200 Seoul, South Korea

Tel/fax : (822) 795-2465

Cell phone : (82) 11-9905-0696

E-mail : _joinau at chollian.net_ 


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Dear collegues,


I am a Master student in Anthropology/Korean Studies. I am writing my

memoir on the problems of adaptation for North Korean refugees in South


I am looking for anything that could relate to this subject;

documentaries, books, articles, biographies, Korean institutions or

groups that help North Korean's integration, professors working on a

similar subject, researches, anything would be of great help.


Unfortunatly my Korean is still at a beginner level, so it would have to

be in English.


Thank you in advance for your help,



Anne-Marie M. Dion

Anthropology Master student

Université de Montréal


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