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Dear colleagues,
please have a look at the rather generous scholarship announcement below. 
I am posting this on behalf of Dr. Kwak; inquiries should please go to ki-sung.kwak at sydney.edu.au
Rudiger Frank

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Betreff: Scholarship

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Dear Prof. Frank

I wonder if you could forward the attached announcements to AKSE members.


Ki-Sung Kwak
Korean Studies
University of Sydney

TITLE:  Jae My Postgraduate Scholarship in Korean Studies,
      University of Sydney, Australia

DESCRIPTION: In order to promote and encourage research on Korean Studies, the Jae My Holdings Pty Ltd has established the Jae My Postgraduate Scholarship in Korean Studies at the University of Sydney. The Scholarship will provide 3 years of support for a full-time PhD student doing research on a topic in the humanities and social sciences in Korean Studies. 
ELIGIBILITY:  Applicants should have an excellent honours degree or MA in Korean Studies (or equivalent). Those awarded a scholarship must enroll as full-time PhD students, and pursue research in the Department of Korean Studies within the School of Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Arts at the University.
AMOUNT AWARDED:  The scholarship stipend is $20,000 per year (tax exempt). The period of tenure is up to three years. Extension of the scholarship is not permitted. The Scholarship does not cover tuition fees, so students will need to find other sources to fund their tuition.
APPLICATION GUIDE:  For further information, contact Dr Ki-Sung Kwak  (Phone: 61-2-9351-4490; Fax: 61-2-9351-2319; E-mail: ki-sung.kwak at sydney.edu.au). Applications, including a curriculum vitae, copy of an academic transcript, a statement of purpose, and the names and contact details of at least two referees should be sent to Dr Ki-Sung Kwak, Department of Korean Studies, School of Languages & Cultures, The University of Sydney NSW 2006, Australia 

CLOSING DATE:  17 December 2010 

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