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Dear Benjamin,
Thank you for your note. Very interesting. Were the authors priests? And if they were, do you know where they were stationed?

I was actually asking about books in English or Japanese. The first European diplomat to reside here was William Aston (1884). He was a Japapnese specialist but also reputedly skilled in Korean which he learned in Japan. I was wondering how he did it. Of course, he could have used the French 1864 and 1881 volumes. Are you living in Korea?


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Dear Kevin,


I don’t know if
I understood correctly your question, but here are some grammar and notes on
Korean language published in French during the 19th century.




  Rosny Léon de
  Aperçu de la langue coréenne (in
  « Journal asiatique », série 6, t. 3)
  Ridel Félix Clair Mgr.
  Grammaire coréenne précédée
  d'une introduction sur le caractère de la langue coréenne
  Imbault d'Huart Camille
  Manuel de la langue coréenne
  parlée. A l'usage des Français




Benjamin JOINAU



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Ross mentions a forthcoming grammar by a professional hand in his Corean
Primer. Diid it ever materialize? What Korean grammar books or notes were
published between 1877 and 1895?


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