[KS] full-text dissertations: Britain + Australia?

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Wed Apr 13 09:56:29 EDT 2011

Thanks Mrs. Kim.

To summarize -- please do add other sources, if there are (NOT those 
that just provide login screens at specific universities):

TROVE seems the only source for full-text Australian theses, yes? 
Others seem simply to link to Trove. And there are not too many 
full-text theses in Trove either, as far as I can see .... most 
theses seem not be accessible online (as full-text files).

==>  http://trove.nla.gov.au/book/

Are there other sources, e.g. have some universities digital versions 
of submitted theses that are not in Trove?

Another terrific login screen ...

It seems that EThOS is, as was mentioned, the British data base for 
full-text theses. Other than in above cases, registration is free, 
and downloads are in most cases also free.
==>  http://ethos.bl.uk/

Any other sources?
Thank you.


Frank Hoffmann

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