[KS] Tracking a murder in colonial Korea

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I don't have info relative to the inquiry, but it did remind me of  
William Shaw's book, Legal Norms in a Confucian State, and the case of  
the local murderer
who made up a folk song blaming somebody else for it.  The royal  
review committee was suspicious because, as I recall, they said no  
folk songs were ever
that specific, to blame someone by name that way.

David McCann

On Apr 16, 2011, at 2:29 PM, Danny Kim wrote:

> Dear Koreanstudies list:
> Hi. I am working on my MA thesis and could use help tracking down  
> records of a murder that may (or may not) have occurred around 1916.
> Writing in Horitsu Shinbun in 1917, Wanouchi Shinzo, a Kenpeitai  
> stationed in Korea, notes that Korean marriage customs are "vastly  
> different" and gives an example of a 52 year old man who married a  
> 16 year old girl and eventually killed her and her family. He notes  
> that this massacre occurred the "year before" (probably 1916,  
> possibly late 1915 or early 1917), in a village (buraku) around  
> Kyǒngi-do Yangp’yǒng-gun Yongdu-ri.
> I haven't had any luck with the Korea History Online system (Hanguk  
> yǒksa chǒngbo t’onghap system), but I was wondering if anyone  
> else had a suggestion to where I might turn.
> Thanks for your time.
> Danny Kim
> MA/PhD Student, East Asian History
> Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Fellow
> University of Wisconsin-Madison
> ddkim2 at wisc.edu (School)
> daniel.dongwu.kim at gmail.com (Personal)

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