[KS] Transactions of the RASKB Vol 85

Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Fri Jun 24 03:23:47 EDT 2011

List members might like to know that the RASKB have just published "Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch" Volume 85 (2010)

Our annual, refereed journal contains articles about many aspects of Korea past and present, as well as news of the year’s activities of the RASKB. The current issue contains the following:

Korea Confronts the Outside, Edward Shultz	
Forgotten People, Andrei Lankov	
Haengju Mountain Fortress, Sam Hawley
Two Early Articles about Korea, Robert Neff
Ji?? Viktor Dane?, Jaroslav Ol?a, jr.
In Korea (Chosen), J. V. Dane?	
The Return of the Uigwe, Alan C. Heyman
Idolatry, Ideology, and Nationalism, James Grayson
Ghosts, Spirits, and Saints, Daniel J. Adams
The Early Years of the RASKB, Brother Anthony

A copy of Transactions is being mailed to all current (paid-up) members of the RASKB, whether in Korea or overseas. 
Non-members and libraries may purchase volumes of Transactions. Each volume costs US$15. Complete bound sets of Transactions (Vols 1 ? 85) are available at the same price per volume. Volumes 1 ? 30 are a reprint in 6 bound volumes, other volumes can be supplied either separately or bound up in volumes of 5 issues. 

We particularly hope that libraries of institutions with Korean Studies programs will purchase complete sets of this very valuable source. Until recent decades, Transactions was the only scolarly journal devoted entirely to Korean topics. For more information please send an email to royalasiatickorea at gmail.com  or to raskb at kornet.net. 

Brother Anthony
President, RASKB

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