[KS] Maurice Courant's translations of official titles

Mårten Söderblom Saarela msoderbl at princeton.edu
Tue Mar 8 17:53:42 EST 2011

Dear all,

Some time ago there was a discussion on this mailing list regarding the
translation of Chosŏn official titles. I am now sitting here with Maurice
Courant's Répertoire historique de l'administration coréenne (Paris: Centre
d’études coréennes du Collège de France, 1986), a photographic reprint of
Courant's manuscript from the 1890s. This work includes translations of 1490
terms, which is more than I have seen in English. Does anybody have an
opinion on this work?

Best regards,
Mårten Söderblom Saarela
Graduate student
East Asian Studies Department
Princeton University

Email: msoderbl at princeton.edu
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