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Mon Mar 14 18:45:47 EDT 2011

We (the International Society for Korean Studies) have been overwhelmed with applications for the International Conference of Korean Studies to be held at UBC August 24-25. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept them all. There is only room for 80 presentations. The organizing committee is now going through the various proposals and will inform applicants of the make-up of our conference program in a month or so. (A major factor in deciding which proposals to accept and which to decline will be how well a particular proposal fits in with other proposals so that we can form coherent panels.) 
That's the bad news--there is a much higher rate of competition for this conference than we had expected, so not everyone who applied to present a paper at UBC will be invited to do so.
The good news is that we are trying to find grants to help us subsidize the cost of accommodations and/or air fare for the paper presenters. Nothing is confirmed yet, however. Let's keep our fingers crossed.  (As of March 14, I am not sure what impact the earthquake and tsunami in Japan will have on the prospects for funding for our conference. Our headquarters are in Osaka, so, as far as I know, all of our staff are safe. However, we have some members in northern Japan who may have been affected. Let's hope they are all safe as well. ) 
In the meantime, I have updated the conference website slightly (primarily the "accommodations" page.

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