[KS] Variation on a Korean Folk Song(Arirang) by John Barnes Chance

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The above musical work for a concert band, *Variation on a Korean Folk Song,
*composed in 1965 by John Barnes Chance (1932 -1972), is a set of variations
on one of the most cherished Korean folk song, *Arirang*.

Mr. Chance first heard *Arirang* during his stay in Seoul as an Arranger for
the 8th U.S. Army band in the late 1950's. The year after *Variation on a
Korean Folk Song *was composed, the work was honored with the American
Bandmasters Association's Oswald Award.. This is the first instance where
Korean music was adopted by a foreign composer in his work.

Please enjoy.

Kwang-On Yoo <http://www.jwpepper.com/mp3/0153544.mp3>
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