[KS] AAS Meeting on the Teaching Initiative to End the Korean War

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Sun Mar 20 01:08:04 EDT 2011

Dear colleagues,


To those of you
who will be attending the Association for Asian Studies meeting in Hawaii at
the end of the month, please join the Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea (ASCK) for a round-table discussion about how best
to move forward with the Teaching
Initiative to End the Korean War launched last fall on the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War.


Saturday, April
2, 8:15-10:00 PM

Room 305A


Although we will
be competing with wine receptions and the beach outside, the round-table
promises to be a fruitful and rewarding meeting where we will share different pedagogic
approaches to teaching the Korean War in a way that would contribute to ending



The Teaching
Initiative and the contemporary relevance of the Korean War – J.J. Suh

Initiative's website and other online resources for teaching the Korean War –
Jun Yoo

Reacting to the Past role-playing game
and its potential applications for teaching the Korean War – John Duncan

Still Present Pasts and the role of
community outreach in teaching the Korean War – Ramsay Liem

Film and
literature in teaching the Korean War – Jennifer Jung-Kim


Please feel free
to forward widely.


See you in
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