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Call for application: Doctoral School of Arts, Humanities and Law, Ghent University, Belgium, June 15–17, 2011DEADLINE APRIL 20, 2011

Organizers: Francesca Fiaschetti, Institute of Chinese Studies, LMU Munich University and
Julia Schneider, Institute for Sinology, Ghent University

Date and place: June 15th–17th, 2011, Institute for Sinology, Ghent University, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

Deadline for application: April 20th, 2011

Language: English

Number of participants: 20–25 graduate students

This workshop is especially aimed at graduate students of East Asian and
Central Asian history, sociology, anthropology, political science, or
ethnology (i.e. Sinology, Mongolian Studies, Korean Studies, and Central
Asian Studies). A graduate level of classical and modern Chinese language
skill is preferable.

Application: Please submit a 1 page letter outlining your interest in participating to
the Workshop, along with a CV (max.2 pages) as an email attachment until
April 20th, 2011 to:

Julia Schneider (Institute for Sinology, Ghent University), Julia.Schneider at UGent.be
Francesca Fiaschetti (Institute for Sinology, Ludwig Maximilians University
Munich), F.Fiaschetti at campus.lmu.de

Welcome speech:
 Ann Heirman (co-organizer of the Workshop) and Bart Dessein (both 
Ghent University), hosts of the Institute for Sinology, Ghent University
– Nicola Di Cosmo (Princeton University)
– Pamela Crossley (Dartmouth College) (via video communication)
– Evelyn Rawski (University of Pittsburgh)
– Naomi Standen (Newcastle University)
– Hans van Ess (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich), co-organizer of the Workshop 
– Veronika Veit (University of Bonn)
– Ron Bin Wong (UCLA)
Contents of the Workshop: The
 workshop will introduce graduate students to the complicated topic 
of non-Han empires and dynasties in East Asia. These empires provide a 
special challenge for historians. Although they governed regions 
inhabited by Han people, the founders of these empires belonged to other
 ethnicities in East Asia. However, the most profound data and sources 
about these empires and dynasties were written in Chinese and paid 
attention to those regions inhabited by Han people. The sources existing
 in their own languages and scripts have been for long time difficult to
 access and remained outside the focus of academic research.
 dynasties have therefore often been analysed according to their 
role within a Chinese historical perspective and for a long time it had 
been mostly neglected that their ethnical and cultural identity was 
different from the Han, on the basis of the assumption that they 
gradually assimilated, i.e. sinicized to their Chinese subjects. It has 
not been until the last two decades of the 20th century that the 
assumption of sinicization was wholeheartedly doubted and academically 
 important aim of the workshop is to promote an international 
academic exchange among scholars and graduate students from American and
 European institutions. The attendees will gain new impulses and deeper 
insights, not only regarding non-Han empires in China, but also in a 
more general way regarding the writing of history. The essential idea is
 to methodologically combine a sinological perspective with sociological
 and anthropological theories in order to deal with the problem of the 
concept of sinicization in historiography and the challenges for 
Sinologists when dealing with non-Han empires in China. The attendees 
are expected to read some introductory
literature before the workshop
 and to prepare intensively the translation of the Chinese primary 
sources that will be analysed together with the lecturers.


Francesca Fiaschetti, Ph.D. studentInstitute for Sinology – Department for Asian Studies
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
Kaulbachstrasse 51a
D–80539 München

Julia Schneider, Ph.D. studentInstitute for Sinology – Department Languages and Cultures of South- and East-Asia 
Ghent University 
Blandijnberg 2
B–9000 Gent

 ---------------------------------------------------Julia Schneider, Ph.D. student
Chinese Language and CultureGhent UniversityBlandijnberg 29000 GentBelgiumTel: 	+ (only fridays) Fax: +
E-Mail: 	Julia.Schneider at UGent.be or		SchneiderJulia at gmx.net

Barbara Wall 
Fröbelstr. 44
58454 Witten

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