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Dear the Manager,

I am a graduate assistant of the CKS in Binghamton University.
I would like to post the following announcement via the listserv.

If you have any inquiry about the announcement, please let me ask at chungse.jung at binghamton.edu.

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Chungse Jung


the CKS in Binghamton University: Korean Studies Symposium in 2011

The Center for Korean Studies in Binghamton University cordially invites to scholars and colleagues to our Korean Studies Symposium.

Please let us know if you any inquiry about the symposium by emailing the Faculty Organizer Yoonkyung Lee at yklee at binghamton.edu.


Sungdai Cho

Director of the Center for Korean Studies

Binghamton University

State University of New York

The CKS: Korean Studies Symposium in 2011

Time: 2:00 – 5:40 pm, May 6, 2011.

Place: AA G007, Binghamton University

      Plenary Session: Across the Disciplines

      Chair: Sungdai Cho (Director of the Center for Korean Studies)


      Byung-Goo Kang (Professor in Economics, Inha University)
      A Study on the Automatic Stabilizers of Social Expenditures


      Michel Pettid (Associate Professor in AAAS)
      How Did Korean Cuisine Form? Internationalization in Premodern Korea


      Jin Ha (Independent Artist; PhD in Art and Art Science, Univ. of Paris 1)
      Presence of Melancholy in Contemporary Korean Art: Women in Urban Space

      Concurrent Session: Humanities (AA GOO7)

      Chang Wook Lee (PhD Student in History)
      Mongol Yuan Elites in Korean Epitaphs and Genealogies

      Hye-ri Oh (PhD Student in Art History)
      Translating “Photography”: The Migration of the Conception of ‘Sajin’ from Portrait to Photograph

      SeoKyung Han (PhD Student in Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture)
      Women In/With the Illustrated Books of Chósun Korea, 1392-1910

      Concurrent Session: Social Science (AA G019)

      Youngsoo Yu (PhD Student in Political Science)
      Does Democracy Explain Human Rights Development?

      A Global Study with Focus on Korean Case about the Role of Democracy and International Organizations

      Jonghwa Kwon (PhD Student in Sociology)
      Green Dreams: Development, Climate Change, and Making Carbon Markets in Korea

      Chungse Jung (PhD Student in Sociology)
      Strange Parallels in State, Society, and Institution:

      A Comparative Study on the Irrigation Association Project in the Colonial Korea and the New Town Project in the Neoliberal Regime in Korea

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