[KS] Korean childhoods: Cause for concern?

Afostercarter at aol.com Afostercarter at aol.com
Wed May 11 09:24:48 EDT 2011

Dear friends and colleagues,
Are too many Korean children miserable, or even  sick?
Such is the thrust of two separate recent news  items
- these are just sample links; you can find many other reports  -
both of which are saddening and disquieting:
Korea’s children are most unhappy in OECD  nations
High Autism Rate Found in South Korean  Study

As a non-specialist, I  wonder what to make of this.
Might there be  exaggeration? If not, what is to blame?
Expert guidance would be  welcome.
Kind  regards
Aidan  FC
Aidan  Foster-Carter 
Honorary  Senior Research Fellow in Sociology & Modern Korea, Leeds 
University,  UK
PS Less publicized, if  unsurpisingly, it's grim up North as well: 
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