[KS] New HRNK report on abductions: available at Marcus Noland's blog

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Dear friends and colleagues,
Yesterday the BBC and other media gave great play 
to a new report on North Korean abductions.
In case others have had difficulty getting  hold of this, 
as I had, the info and links below may be of use.
Kind regards
Aidan FC
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_Report: TAKEN! North  Korea’s Criminal Abduction of Citizens of Other 
Countries_ (http://www.piie.com/blogs/nk/?p=1220) 
by _Marcus Noland_ (http://www.piie.com/blogs/nk/?author=16)  | May 13th,  
2011 | 09:55 am 
81b5/2&uid=4dce2a93559a8113&tt=0) | 

Yesterday the Committee on Human Rights in North Korea  released a new 
report “TAKEN! North Korea’s Criminal Abduction of Citizens of  Other Countries.
” (In the interests of full disclosure I am on the  organization’s 
governing board.) The report has attracted considerable press  attention but is not 
yet up on the Committee’s _website_ (http://www.hrnk.org/home.htm) . To 
remedy this  situation, at least temporarily, I have uploaded _a pdf of  the 
report_ (http://www.piie.com/blogs/TAKEN-Final-Proof.pdf) . Please be patient 
it is a large file and may take a while to  download.
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