[KS] Kyujanggak Colloquium May 19: Dr. Kevin Cawley

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Mon May 16 00:16:36 EDT 2011

Dear Colleagues:

We would like to inform you of this upcoming event at the Kyujanggak Institute of Korean Studies, Seoul National University. For the 51st Colloquium on Korean Studies, we are pleased to have Dr Kevin Cawley (University of Sheffield) as our next speaker. The topic of his talk is:

Christian Texts in a Neo-Confucian Context: Seeds of Transformation

Abstract: This paper examines the earliest Christian texts written by Neo Confucian scholars during the implantation of Catholicism in Korea. It will firstly discuss the reception of Christian ideas, which were initially rejected, and then focus on the texts written by Korea's earliest Catholics, which draw on and develop ideas first discovered in Matteo Ricci's Tianzhu shiyi (天主實義), We uncover how their religious metamorphosis culminated in a shift from philosophical and intellectual investigation, towards praxis and its embodiment in a socially active church that ushered in ideas of equality and charity, transforming Korea's intellectual and religious landcsape forever.

Where: Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (SNU Building #102), seminar room (ground floor)

When: Thursday 19 May, 2011, 4-6 PM

for more information, see http://kyujanggak.snu.ac.kr/_Board/List.jsp?type=13
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