[KS] US Air Force and Navy in Korea

Bertrand Roehner roehner at lpthe.jussieu.fr
Sat Apr 21 12:54:45 EDT 2012

Dear Colleagues,

A researcher at the University of Paris, I'm currently
writing a book which explores the military facet
of the US occupation of South Korea (1945-1948).

Recently, I came across an order issued by the Commander
in Chief of US Air Forces in the Pacific (CINCAFPAC)
on 6 November 1946. It says:
``No low level strafing will be conducted in Korea against
civil disturbances unless specifically authorized

On the following day, the Commanding General of
US Forces in Korea responded that such operations
have indeed been discontinued.

The two documents are reproduced in the draft of
my book (Prologue chapter); it can be downloaded
from my website at the following address:

Has anybody some additional information?
Basically where and when did such operations occur?

Afterwards, I came to realize that
although we have some (limited)
information about the role of the US Army in
Korea, we have almost no information whatsoever
about the actions of the US Air Force or US Navy.

Would you have some hints about possible sources?

With my best wishes,
Bertrand Roehner

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